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Save Your Favorite Places & Events
  • Allows a user to save favorite listings in any city.
  • Will allow you to message businesses that allow messaging.
  • Gives you access to any user deals or promotions that might be offered!

List Your Business

Be Listed as a Business or as a Provider
$ 6
  • Standard Business Listing (Business Name, Address, Phone, Website)
  • Business Description
  • Searchable as a Black Provider or a Black-Owned Business
  • Up to 5 Searchable Categories
  • Upload up to 5 Images of Your Business
  • Up to 10 Searchable Tags (keywords that help people search for your products)
  • Random Listing - All businesses have the same chance to be seen!
  • Searchable as a Business that Provides Takeout or Delivery Service.

Promote Your Business

The Listing Package with Marketing Capabilities
$ 12
  • **Benefits of the Listing Package, plus the following**
  • Post Events for the public to see!
  • Livestream for an international audience!
  • Have a Seat at The Table: OneBlackNation’s Exclusive Social Media
  • Unlimited Searchable Tags
  • Google Analytics on Your Profile!!! (Allows you to see how effective your listing is and what traffic is coming to your page)
  • Google Analytics - Live Active User Count (see exactly how many people are on your listing real time)
  • Google Analytics - Animated Graphs and Charts
  • Google Analytics - Last Week vs This Week Graph
  • Google Analytics - Last Year vs This Year Chart
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